Collab with Ainsley from Ainsley Beth

Hey friends!

Ainsley and I both contacted each other at different times wanting to do a collab! We couldn’t figure out what kind of collab but then we just decided to ask each other some questions! We both sent each other 10 questions and are going to answer them on our own posts! 

I’ve known Ainsley for a while and she started her blog a couple years! Her posts are so fun and her blog has really grown! Go check out her amazing blog and give her a follow! You won’t be disappointed! 


Now it’s time for me to answer the questions Ainsley sent me!!!!!! Let’s get started:

Aesthetic Beach Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Favorite vacation spot?

On the east coast at a beach!!!

(I couldn’t find a picture with my baby doll so I chose this one of my brother and I instead)

Your first memory?

Playing with my baby doll Sarah baby!

Favorite blog post of yours?

This one! Here

person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

Favorite clothing brand?

I don’t have a favorite brand. I like going thrift shopping!

What do you miss most doing while in quarantine?

Going to Starbucks and shopping with my siblings!

west coast, palm trees, california aesthetic, beach aesthetic ...

Dream car?

A jeep!!

Favorite Starbucks drink?

My favorite favorite drink is the iced peach green tea lemonade! SO GOOOOOD

Do you want to go out of the country?

YESSS!!! I really want to go to Europe!!

Favorite musical?

Hamilton, Newsies and Wicked!

(I made this cool picture when I got to 100 followers)

Best blogging memory?

Getting to 100 followers! I felt so accomplished! Post here.


Make sure to go check out her blog and her collab post! Thanks so much for doing this with me Ainsley! 

Anybody else interested in doing a collab? Let me know!!!

Love, Cassia

Meeting Isa

Hey friends!

I got to meet my sweet niece for the first time last week! She’s so tiny and precious!

Do you have any nieces/nephews? Let me know in the comments! I love learning new things about you all!

Love, Cassia

My Top 5 Favorite Starbucks Drinks

Hey friends!

We had some friends come and visit last week and we went to Starbucks! It gave me the idea to share what my top 5 favorite Starbucks drinks are!

Let’s get started!


#5. Hot Caramel Cloud Macchiato:

I had this for the first time in November and it’s SO GOOD! It’s a good fall/winter drink!


#4. Hot Caramel Macchiato:

This is not much different from the Cloud Macchiato, just less foam! 


#3. Caramel Frappuccino:

This was my first love, just kidding. But I used to ADORE this drink. It was the only thing I ever ordered.


#2. Strawberry Acai Lemonade:

This SOOOO amazing! It’s delicious and so refreshing! It’s definitely a great summer drink 🤗


#1. Peach Green Tea Lemonade:

This is also so delicious! It’s a lot like the Strawberry Acai Lemonade! I sometimes get it without the cane sugar, it tastes about the same!


I highly recommend all those drinks! If you’ve never tried any of them, you definitely should!!! It’s fun to try new drinks every once in a while! 😄

What’s your favorite Starbucks drink? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Cassia

My Life Lately: Part 2

Hello friends!

I meant to get this posted like a month ago 🙈so sorry! 

Let’s head into March!

To start off March……….my older sister got ENGAGED!!!! The proposal was set for March 20th but due to COVID-19, he had to do it a couple weeks earlier. My parents, sisters and I drove up on Friday (the day he was going to propose) We found out he was doing it on March 6th just a couple days before lol. We left on Friday morning early and got there that evening!

But on our way, we stopped at the Kansas capitol building!

We got to the place where he was proposing and waited till he proposed. It was us, his family and some of his close friends. We waited till he texted to head to the spot. Getting his text we then started our walk to the spot. It was so exciting!

As we were getting closer we were trying to stay quiet. (which is the opposite of our family, lol) When we were almost there Jason yelled out “SHE SAID YES”. We all cheered and she was like “WHATTT!!! What are you guys doing here?” Total surprise to her, that she loved!!! We walked up and all hugged and there were some tears shed. (mostly by my dad and I)

After that, we headed over to where an after party was held! It was so so great!

We stayed the night and were there for Saturday! She worked most of the day so we stayed at the coffee shop and got lots of work done! We also explored downtown Manhattan and it was so cute!!

Found a cute little theater!

We went bowling that night and it was SOOO fun! I did pretty good the first game but did terrible the second game lol.

The next morning we packed up and headed back home!

The next week was super laid back and we didn’t do much of anything. But the week after that my sister and I went to see some of my best friends!!!

We went exploring, shopping and took pictures!

The week after that, I voted for the first time!

The last couple weeks of March were also laid back because of COVID-19… no more pictures for March 🙁

In the starting of April my brother and his fiance surprised us with a visit! They stayed for almost two weeks! It was so great!

On April 7th little sweet Isabel Grace was born 😍

On Easter night, my sister and her fiance came and surprised us! Two surprises in one week 😱😄 They stayed for almost two weeks as well!

The rest of the month was laid back! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’m going to try to post more often 😊

Love, Cassia

Happy Easter!

Hello friends!


We decided to dress up, even though we weren’t going to church.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday!

Love, Cassia

My Life Lately: Part 1

Helloooo friendssss!!!

It has a very LONG time since I was last on here 🙈 Life has been crazy. Lots of changes and new things happening!

But I decided it was time to get on and give you a little update on my life and what’s going on!

Got a couple different exciting pieces of news, but first I’ll start off from the ending of January!

We had just gotten back from Pennsylvania! We had gone for my sister in-laws baby shower! A couple days later, my friend Elana, her sister and her mom came to visit! She and her sister asked if they could come visit us as their Christmas presents. SO SWEET!

The day they got there we went to a town near us and went to Ross and tried on dresses and had some fun! I got two dresses and then we went to Starbucks to get some coffee before heading home!

The next day we went to Chicago! We went to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Vienna Beef for lunch and then went thrift shopping!

They stayed for almost a week and we played lots of games, took pictures, made a little movie and took lots of silly videos!!!

After they left, we started packing and getting ready to leave for Florida! My brother was getting married on February 15th! Here are a few pictures:

The gas station that we stopped at had these beautiful shell windchimes.

And the oranges were 😍😋

One of the mornings we were there, all of the girls from my family and all the girls from her family went out for tea! It was such a lovely time!

The rehearsal dinner on Friday night was so much fun. It was Lord of the Rings themed!!! Everybody loved it and my mom did a fabulous job putting it on! Sadly, I don’t have pictures. After the rehearsal dinner, all the bridesmaids went to the bachelorette party! We did a scavenger hunt and did a spa night! SO FUN!

Next morning was time to get ready for the wedding!

This is Hope! She’s the bomb!!! Love her so much. She’s one of Faith’s sisters!

RAIMY!!!!! Gosh I love this girl! She’s amazing, hilarious, talented and so great!

Patience is the sweeeeetest! Another one of Faith’s sisters!

This is Joy!!! And she lives up to her name! Always so joyful! She is also one of Faith’s sisters!

My bro, Steve!

All the beautiful bridesmaids!

Danielle and I were the only girls from the Denner family in the wedding!

Walking to the beach!!!!!

She was so excited! She was either so excited that she started crying or she was jumping up and down! SO BEAUTIFUL!

She and her adorable niece, the flower girl!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Denner!! WOHOOOO

This bridal party was amazing!

This was our two families together! There were 31 people, plus 2 babies on the way!

The rest of February we didn’t do a whole lot, so I don’t have pictures.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Hoping to post part 2 next week!

Love, Cassia

Baby Shower in Pennsylvania

Hey friends!

This past weekend my mom, my little sisters and I took a trip to Pennsylvania for my sister in-laws baby shower in that area!

Here is a video:

And here are pictures!

To start the day off we went to church! The message was so good and so powerful. He was talking about choosing joy. SO GOOD! And the worship was amazing also!

This sweet girl is one of my besties, Emma!

Elijah! The little brother I never had. Known him since he was about 7 years old. He is hilarious and one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met!

TEAGAN! She is a cutie! She is my sisters bestie! She is growing into a beautiful young lady!

Then, we went and started getting stuff ready for the shower!

The favors 😍

Amanda did such a good job with the decorating! So cute 🤩

Yummy fooooood 😏

And then we took pictures afterwards!!!

Cute mama!

This is Amanda!!! You might recognize her. I did a post about her wedding a couple years ago! She is so great!

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed this!

Love, Cassia

My Hair Routine

Hey friends!

I recently got a haircut and thought it was high time to make this video for you all!

So here it is!

Hope you enjoyed this! Comment with video ideas, love hearing from you!

Love, Cassia

Thrift Store Finds

Hey friends!

My mom and I went to a couple of thrifts stores last yesterday and I found a few things that I thought I’d show you all! 😄

I found this really cute H&M sweater! You know how much I love sweaters 😂 I am loving turtlenecks currently, so of course! I got it! 

This one is originally from Kohls! I LOVE maroon colored clothes! And I also really like striped clothes! And this is another turtleneck kind of shirt!

I found some shorts for this coming summer! Their a good length and if I wanted to, I could even roll them up to make them a little bit shorter!

And lastly, I found this ADORABLE bamboo vase! It was originally $60 and I got it for $8 PEOPLE!! LIKE WHAAAAAAT??? I was very excited about this purchase!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this shorter post! 

Do you like going to thrift stores? Any particular posts you’d like to see in the coming weeks? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Cassia 

What I Did in December – Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2! Find Part 1 here.

The next week we had a business lunch for all of our businesses at Maggiano’s. It is SOOO delicious!

The next week we had a baby shower for my brother and sister in-law. I don’t have any pictures though 😢

On Christmas Eve we went out for a family lunch at a cute place called Hillside Restaurant. It was so yummy!

Then we went to a Christmas Eve service. Only got a couple pictures, but this is my favorite!

On Christmas day we opened presents and stockings and then just chilled for most of the day! We took a sisters pajamas picture!  🤩

Then something exciting happened that evening! My brother proposed to his girlfriend!!! AHHH! Another Denner wedding is happening this year! June 5th😱

So excited to have you as a sister Bekah!!  

And last but not least, we built a gingerbread house!!

A Christmas throwback!!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading this short post! December was a good month and full of lots of fun and family time! How was your December?

Love, Cassia