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2016 was a very busy year!! We did a lot.

To start the year off we went to a good friend’s wedding on January 1st in Peoria, Illinois and stayed there for a few more days for a mini-vacation.

In May we went to Lynchburg, Virginia for my brothers’ graduations (my three oldest brothers all graduated at the same time). One of my brothers graduated in two years, one of them in three years and the other one in four!! They graduated from Liberty University.

At the starting of June one of my other brothers graduated from High School. At the same time, some of our friends from Colorado came to visit us and they came for my brother’s graduation. It was so awesome to see them! At the end of June we traveled to Maryland for family camp, Sandy Cove. We go every year and its TONS of fun!!

At the starting of July we were still in Maryland having tons of fun at camp. In the middle of July, my older sister, my cousin, and I went to Santa Claus, Indiana. And yes, there is a town called Santa Claus!! Weird right? 😉 😀 We went to an amuzement park called Holiday World. We got to see another cousin there and we had a BLAST!! The day after we got home from Indiana, some of our friends came to see us. We had lots of fun!! They are an awesome family!!!

At the starting of August we traveled to Lake Minnewaska in Minnesota for a family reunion. We stayed at a resort that was on the lake, Peters Sunset Beach Resort. Altogether there were 58 people, it was super fun. At the end of August my parents and my sisters went up to Pennsylvania for a very good friend’s wedding and my little sister was the flower girl in the wedding!!! She was super excited about it.

In September my mom and I surprised my older sister with her best friend from Canada, who came to visit for a whole week!!!! The four of us and some of my sister’s other friends all went to Galena, Illinois for a few days. Shopping, shopping, shopping…and food!

In November something awesome happended!!! THE CUBBIES WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! (the day after my birthday)

Then in December we celebrated our annual Denner Italian Feast with three families. And then there was CHRISTMAS!!! (my favorite holiday). At the very end of month we had  a “sibilings day” with my siblings and my oldest brother’s girlfriend and her siblings. We went bowling (in onesies), had pizza, played games, and watched some movies.

So that wraps up 2016!! Here are some pictures!!




The Graduates!!!



Playing frisbee at Sandy Cove!



Beautiful sunset at Sandy Cove!



Singing on the hill at Sandy Cove!



Sunset at Lake Minnewaska.



Another sunset at Lake Minnewaska.



Everybody hanging out at the big cabin!



She was the cutest flower girl ever!!