Summer Drive Playlist

Hey there!

I just made a summer drive playlist a couple weeks ago! I love to drive around with the windows down and blast the music! Especially with my family. We love jamming.

Music is a very LARGE part of my life. I sing constantly and listen to music almost non-stop haha. I love singing so much!! Maybe one day I’ll do a singing blog post…. would anyone want to see that????

So I made a playlist with some fun songs! They’re really good summer driving songs in my opinion! 

Go check it out and let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite song? Let me know in the comments! ❤️

Love, Cassia

Being Single As a Teen Girl

Hey friends!

Today I thought I’d talk about being single as a teen girl.

Most girls our age are either in a relationship or would really like to be in one.

I am currently not in a relationship and I am totally okay with that! But if I had talked with you about this in December/January, I would not tell you that. 

Over the past few months I came to realize that I am NOT ready for a relationship. 

See, the way I look at it is that I’m not ready to get married anytime soon. So why start a relationship this young? And I know that lots of people have different opinions.

But I don’t want to get myself into a relationship when I’m still in high school and trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life.

Not gonna lie. Every once in a while I will get the lonely feeling that I want to be in a relationship. Because it is nice to have someone there to talk to all the time and know you have someone. But, that shouldn’t be your reason for dating. You should be dating the person because they could be a possible spouse.

Whenever I get that feeling and I know I’m not ready, I go to the Lord and ask him to take the feeling away. And it goes away and I’m totally fine!

Another thing, I was in a “relationship” at the beginning of the year and I realized I wasn’t ready and also that I wasn’t interested anymore. That’s something important we girls need to realize. 

If we can tell we aren’t interested anymore, we can’t keep it going just because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. If you keep it going, you’re going to lead the guy on and he’ll get even more hurt.

The media makes it seem like we should all have a boyfriend. But you shouldn’t start dating till you know you’re ready, which is God’s timing. 

If you are in the single stage and are really wanting a boyfriend, I would encourage you to really take this time to spend more time with your family and with God. He wants you to come to him and wants to comfort you. Because he’s in control. He’s not wringing his hands because you don’t have a boyfriend. It is all HIS timing. He’s not worried.

Well, I hope that helps you if you are in the same stage as I am.

Are there any other things you’d like me to write about? Anything you’d like to hear about? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Cassia

Second Denner Wedding of 2020

Hey friends!

Today I’m sharing some photos from my brother Matt’s wedding in June!!! It was such a beautiful day and the photographer captured them beautifully! *photos are all edited by myself though*

All the Denner siblings were in the wedding and it was an amazing bridal party!

The bridesmaids and bride in our robes!!!

Photographer: “Everybody lift up your arms and celebrate!!!”

Cara: “Wasn’t really wanting to show off my arm pits today…”

The BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids ❤️

The groomsmen with Bekah. Love this photo 😂😂

The bridesmaids with Matt!

These two are some of my favoritest people in the whole world!

The family!!!!! Love these people so much 🥰

It was such a wonderful day and Matt and Bekah enjoyed it so much. Lots of hard work put into making it the perfect day but it was worth it!!!! I was SO tired by the end of it but then ended up staying up a lot later 🙊 haha.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. Happy Independence Day!

Love, Cassia

Dream Home Look

Hey friends!

I did a post like this a couple years ago so I thought it’d be fun to do one again!

*all photos from pinterest*

My Room

My Bathroom


Kids Bedrooms

Kids Bathroom


Guest Room and Bathroom


Dining Room

Living Room

Office Space



Laundry Room




Check out my Pinterest here!

Hope you enjoyed this! What are some other posts you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Cassia

The Westing Game | My Favorite Book

Hey friends!

The Westing Game is my all time favorite book! It’s a mystery and I absolutely LOVE it!

Plot Summary

Sunset Towers is a new apartment building on Lake Michigan, north of Milwaukee and just down the shore from the mansion owned by reclusive self-made millionaire Samuel W. Westing. (Despite its name, Sunset Towers faces east – into the sunrise.) Sam Westing was a wealthy businessman who made his fortune in paper products. He was very patriotic and never smoked, drank, or gambled.

As the story opens, Barney Northrup is selling apartments to a carefully selected group of tenants. He claims that chess is not allowed in the building. After Sam Westing dies, at the beginning of the book, it emerges that most of the tenants are named as heirs in Westing’s will. The will is structured like a puzzle, with the 16 heirs challenged to find the solution. Each of the eight pairs, assigned seemingly at random, is given $10,000 cash and a different set of baffling clues. The pair that solves the mystery will inherit Westing’s entire $200 million fortune and control of his company.


The first time I read it, it was a little confusing. But once I read it the second time, oh wow! I knew it was my favorite book! I’ve read the book multiple times and it never gets old! 


What are your favorite kind of books? What’s your favorite book? Let me know in the comments, love hearing from you!

Love, Cassia

Top 7 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hey friends!

I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Instagramers!

Let’s jump in, shall we?

#7. Abigail Houston

She is so beautiful and her love for Jesus is so encouraging! Be sure to give this beauty a follow!

#6. Hannah Elizabeth

This girl is SO encouraging and has such lovely photos! She talks about her faith, plants, coffee and fun stuff! Go give her a follow!

#5. Gabrielle Odom

Brie is so fun and energetic! Her feed is cool and her writing is so good! If you can, go follow her!

#4. Abi Grace

This adorable babe is a traveling blogger/vlogger! Her pictures are so aesthetic and the places she visits are 😍If you want to see beautiful pictures, follow her!

#3. Elana Zahn

This beautiful girl is one of my good friends. I’ve watched her grow her Instagram and am so proud of her. Her words are so encouraging and true. Give my babe a follow!

#2. Sadie Robertson Huff

Most of you probably know who she is! I follow her because I love seeing her pictures and what’s going on in her life!

#1. Tay Ruth Welgoss

This girl is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! She’s HILARIOUS and full of Godly advice. She and her family are so fun and always making me laugh! You should totally give her a follow!

Do you like Instagram? What’s your favorite app? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Cassia

How I Edit My Photos

Hey friends!

I’ve gotten questions about how I edit my photos, so now it’s time for me to share!!!

I got a new preset a couple months ago and I LOVE IT! It’s totally my style and goes with all my photos! Here is the link if you’d like to check it out. 

It’s a Lightroom preset and all I have to do is paste it on my photos. Sometimes I have to fix some of the lighting for it to look how I want it but it’s pretty easy!

Here are a before and after photo:



Hope that was a helpful! 

What do you use to edit your photos? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!  ❤️

Love, Cassia

9 Random Facts About Myself

Hey friends!

It’s been a while since I last did some random facts about myself!!! So here are 9 new ones!

  1. I’m obsessed with soundtracks.
  2. I don’t really enjoy cooking that much.
  3.  I love driving.
  4. My favorite tv show is Psych.
  5. I’ve only seen 9 movies in theater.
  6. My favorite skittle is the red one.
  7. I don’t really enjoy playing games.
  8. My phone is an iPhone 7plus.
  9. I’ve been in three weddings.


Thanks for reading! What’s a random fact about you?

Love, Cassia

Meeting Isa

Hey friends!

I got to meet my sweet niece for the first time last week! She’s so tiny and precious!

Do you have any nieces/nephews? Let me know in the comments! I love learning new things about you all!

Love, Cassia

My Top 5 Favorite Starbucks Drinks

Hey friends!

We had some friends come and visit last week and we went to Starbucks! It gave me the idea to share what my top 5 favorite Starbucks drinks are!

Let’s get started!


#5. Hot Caramel Cloud Macchiato:

I had this for the first time in November and it’s SO GOOD! It’s a good fall/winter drink!


#4. Hot Caramel Macchiato:

This is not much different from the Cloud Macchiato, just less foam! 


#3. Caramel Frappuccino:

This was my first love, just kidding. But I used to ADORE this drink. It was the only thing I ever ordered.


#2. Strawberry Acai Lemonade:

This SOOOO amazing! It’s delicious and so refreshing! It’s definitely a great summer drink 🤗


#1. Peach Green Tea Lemonade:

This is also so delicious! It’s a lot like the Strawberry Acai Lemonade! I sometimes get it without the cane sugar, it tastes about the same!


I highly recommend all those drinks! If you’ve never tried any of them, you definitely should!!! It’s fun to try new drinks every once in a while! 😄

What’s your favorite Starbucks drink? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Cassia