5 Easy Summer Outfits

Hey friends!

It’s summer and I’m sharing some summer outfit ideas! You’ve all asked for more fashion, so here it is. I hope this is helpful to all you beautiful ladies.

Summer Dress

Dress (similar) Shoes

Light Tee + Shorts

Tee (similar) Shorts (similar) Shoes

Shirt + Skirt

Shirt (similar) Skirt (similar) Shoes (similar)

Ripped Jeans + Off The Shoulder Shirt

Jeans (similar) Shirt (similar) Shoes


Jumpsuit (similar) Shoes


Can you tell that I like blue?? HAH! I looked through my closet this summer and realized that 80% of my clothing was blue, LOL.

I linked all the items. Almost everything is not the same thing. I couldn’t find the exact items. Most of these pieces I’ve had for years.

What was your favorite outfit? Was this helpful? Would you like to see more fashion posts?ย 

Love, Cassia

25 Replies to “5 Easy Summer Outfits”

  1. Love em all! Especially the dressss! You look way gorgeous in it! (also, who took your pics? i should ask her to do mine!) And yes! More Fashion Posts! ๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒธ

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