4th of July Pictures + Siblings

Hey friends!

We took some pictures on 4th of July! We had so much fun hanging out, playing games, eating and talking! Time with the family is always so amazing and fun!

Most of the siblings! My brother Tim and his wife Faith were the only ones who couldn’t come 😭 We missed them a lot. These siblings of mine are amazing. We have loads of fun together ❀️

I wish you all could meet them ❀️

The girls and momma!

Just the girlsss!

90% of the pictures I’m in, I’m making a weird face, just sayin’.

My absolutely wonderful and beautiful momma!

My bestest friend EVER! She’s getting married in 83 DAYYYSSS! I’m so excited to be her Maid of Honor! First time being a Maid of Honor and I am beyond excited!

My sister in-law Lauren! She and Phil (my brother) celebrated their second wedding anniversary last month! AHHH,Β  SO CRAZY!Β 

My Beks babe! She and Matt (my brother) celebrated their 1 month anniversary on Sunday! Man how the time flies by. 😱 

GABI! She’s the cutest and is growing up WAY to quick 😭 She’s 13 going on 30. HAHA! Also, she started a blog and you should totally go check it out. She’s so excited to have started it and would love for you to follow along with her!Β  Check it out here.

This adorable babe gets two pictures because why not?? She’s SO CUTE. It makes me so happy and sad that she’s growing up. I miss the days when I got to hold her as a baby, but I so enjoy having conversations with her and hanging out with her. She’s quite a character and is always makin’ us laugh and always is so silly.

Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures and hearing me talk about my siblings, hehe.

How was your 4th of July? What did you do? What’s your favorite holiday and favorite thing about it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!Β 

Love, Cassia

29 Replies to “4th of July Pictures + Siblings”

  1. CUTE photos!!!! My sisters and I spent the night with our grandparents at their lakehouse!! We went fishing, on a boat ride, participated in a golf cart parade, tubed, and swam. (and probably some other things that I forgot) Have a great day!!

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