Being Single As a Teen Girl

Hey friends!

Today I thought I’d talk about being single as a teen girl.

Most girls our age are either in a relationship or would really like to be in one.

I am currently not in a relationship and I am totally okay with that! But if I had talked with you about this in December/January, I would not tell you that. 

Over the past few months I came to realize that I am NOT ready for a relationship. 

See, the way I look at it is that I’m not ready to get married anytime soon. So why start a relationship this young? And I know that lots of people have different opinions.

But I don’t want to get myself into a relationship when I’m still in high school and trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life.

Not gonna lie. Every once in a while I will get the lonely feeling that I want to be in a relationship. Because it is nice to have someone there to talk to all the time and know you have someone. But, that shouldn’t be your reason for dating. You should be dating the person because they could be a possible spouse.

Whenever I get that feeling and I know I’m not ready, I go to the Lord and ask him to take the feeling away. And it goes away and I’m totally fine!

Another thing, I was in a “relationship” at the beginning of the year and I realized I wasn’t ready and also that I wasn’t interested anymore. That’s something important we girls need to realize. 

If we can tell we aren’t interested anymore, we can’t keep it going just because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. If you keep it going, you’re going to lead the guy on and he’ll get even more hurt.

The media makes it seem like we should all have a boyfriend. But you shouldn’t start dating till you know you’re ready, which is God’s timing. 

If you are in the single stage and are really wanting a boyfriend, I would encourage you to really take this time to spend more time with your family and with God. He wants you to come to him and wants to comfort you. Because he’s in control. He’s not wringing his hands because you don’t have a boyfriend. It is all HIS timing. He’s not worried.

Well, I hope that helps you if you are in the same stage as I am.

Are there any other things you’d like me to write about? Anything you’d like to hear about? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Cassia

58 Replies to “Being Single As a Teen Girl”

      1. 😊 My pleasure!
        Here are a few post ideas!

        1. Summer fashion ideas
        2. Favorite movie + review
        3. Favorite restaurant
        4. DIYs
        5. Summer bucket list
        6. Favorite quotes

        Hope these help! 😉

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  1. I love this, Cassia! I super agree with this! I definitely get the feeling of being lonely and wanting to have a boyfriend BEFORE but everything changed when I didn’t just think about it- I focused on myself and my relationship with God. I firmly believe that love comes when you’re least expecting it because you’re not forcing anything to happen and you’re just waiting for the will of the Lord. And when He permits, then it is all good and lovely. ❤

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  2. This is great advice! Especially for the younger teens that are just now being exposed to the reality of it all. This has been the philosophy I’ve been raised with, and I’m so thankful for it! “Dating with no intent is like going to the grocery store with no money. You either leave unhappy or take something that isn’t yours.” -Jefferson Bethke

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      1. Hmm, a “what’s on my phone” post would be fun! I don’t think I’ve seen a post like that before, and it’s a cool “behind the scenes” for your readers. An introduction to your area or city would be neat, too! You could give a guide for tourists and have insider local tips. “Day in the life of” posts are always interesting, as well!

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  3. This is such a wonderful post, honestly! There have been times (recently too, for some reason) that I’ve just really wanted to be in a relationship, maybe because friends are or I just want it, but looking back I can see it would have been a disaster. I know that God will do what is best in His time. Anyway, great post! 👍😉

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      1. Godly self confidence! Or your advice on being a good friend/ what makes a good friend ‘cause you’re great at that :))) Your bucket list or favorite memories. Those are just a few ideas but just know you have so much wisdom, I’m sure whatever God puts on your heart to share will help so many :))❤️❤️

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  4. So so good Cassia. Thank you for sharing! Singleness is something that is totally okay and a super important time in our lives to grow and invest and come closer to the Lord. Sometimes I definitely get those feelings of wanting someone other than friends and family in my life, but honestly I’m so happy with this season of life where there is so much opportunity and growth for ourselves and for our relationship in the Lord! Thank you for sharing and encouraging! 💛

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  5. Wow Cassia this was an amazing post!! I have the exact same mindset. Why waste my time with someone if I don’t plan on marrying them? And if I do plan on marriage, why this early? Us teen girls need to empower ourselvesss and know that no boy will fill a void in our heart and if there is a void, that it will only be filled by God. Love it! ❤️

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  6. Cassia, This was SOO good!! 🙌🏼 I absolutely loved this & wish I had read it when I was 17 😉 Waiting in God’s timing is so much more more rewarding in the end! I love seeing home much you are growing & maturing; sharing these things are so encouraging & uplifting to teens & young adults! I’d love to see more posts like this ❤️

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    1. Thank you Lauren! I really love encouraging people. I’m going to work on writing more about other things people struggle with and how to overcome.


  7. Thank you for the reminder, Cassia! <333 I have to keep reminding myself that it's not a bad thing to be single, especially since I don't even know if I want to get married. Besides, God has other things for me to do right now, and worrying about boys only distracts me.

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  8. Great blog! I’m 26 and single and I’ve shared a blog post recently about this kinda thing, you should check it out!
    Make the most of your relationship with you and make the most of life ❤️ you don’t need a partner to complete you.

    Lots of love,

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  9. I don’t know how I’m just now seeing this post, but this is REALLY GOOD. It can be so hard to be ‘single’ sometimes, especially when friends and other girls my age are getting into relationships, but this is a wonderful reminder to trust God’s will and timing. Thank you for this!

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