It’s Graduation Season!

It’s time for graduations! WOHOO! We’re starting to get graduation announcements/party invitations!!!! I always Love going to graduation parties!! Last year 4 of my brothers graduated. Three of them graduated from college and one of them graduated from high school. We had a huge party to celebrate their big accomplishment!! And if your wondering how three graduated at the same time, here’s why! My brother, Jon graduated in 2 years, Matt graduated in 3 years and Phil graduated in 4 years!! They graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. We went to Virginia (all 11 of us) and it was so fun!!!

Is anybody in your family graduating this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!!!

~Cassia Elisabeth~


About Cassia Denner

Hello! I am Cassia Denner. I'm a lover of Jesus, I'm from a family of 11, I'm a singer, a blogger, a baseball freak, an artist and a huge coffee drinker.
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One Response to It’s Graduation Season!

  1. Nope. I’ll be the first on to graduate in my family! #2020!


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